St Luke 8:9-15

 Theme – community which has  been preparing as for  the word of God
The  Gospel according to St Luke is a written proclamation  of the truth about Jesus Christ Luke Gospel is a record of historical events.                  Luke 8:9-15 is speaking about the parable of seed and the soil. With the above mentioned theme let’s. Ponder upon  a theme : Affirm the faith to avoid the  darkness in life Throughout this Gospel we can see the work of Jesus in  galilee. We can see in chapter 8 that Jesus is proclaiming the good news about kingdom of God. The twelve disciples , large  number of women etc were there with Jesus at that time . The reason why Jesus trying to say through the parables is because to understand theme easily to others .After Jesus had revealed this parable, His disciples were enquire about the meaning of it, In verse 9 they asked him , what might this parable be…..Jesus wanted them to understand that they had a great advantage  in both hearing and understanding  the word  of God that’s  why he said in verse 10, unto you it is Given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of god. It is a great privilege to be led into the light , when others are left in darkness. Now, when we think about the meaning of the parable and the explanations that Jesus gives for it . We can see that the heart of  the man is the soil into which the seed of god’s word is sown.The heart is capable of receiving it and of bringing forth fruit from it , we must work to bring the and soil together. The success of the seeding is very dependent upon the condition of the soil .The devil is keen to hinder the word of God. Verse 12 states , then the devil  come and take away the word out of their hearts he takes it from those who are careless heaters and they will not believe and be saved .We cannot be saved unless it is Mixed with faith. Therefore the devil does all he can to keep us from believing devil works his maximum to take away from the word of God. Therefore we should give our maximum presence of mind to treat the seed and preserve it . The devil will lead the careless hearers to shut their ears against the word and crush it under their feet. There are some people makes the word of God an impresson.when they may fail with the trials like the seed that falls on the rock. They are lack in depth and durability. So they will  show their hypocrisy In times of trial. The pleasures of this life are like the dangerous which choke the good seed of the word be careful not to love the ease and pleasure of this life because  Jesus warned that we can be kept from heaven if we are choked with cares and riches and pleasure of this life those things that delight the senses can ruin the soul Dear friends in Christ  There are  different types of ground in our surroundings. Their hardness and softness are according with the circumstances.As we.  All are included in a faith community.  Who all are. Awaiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ. So we should able to sow good seed that are strong to grow in any ground.we should able to change the strong as soft ground. In this modern society devils are different in form .some of them are inseparable from our being .we should always careful to find out the good and bad around us. So we should sharpen our  instruments and get ready for the building of kingdom of God                                                                 Amen 

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God’s wonderful creation

Meditation  –1                        ps 139:13-14

For it was you who formed. My inward  parts you knit me together in my mother’s  womb  I praise you, for iam fearfully and wonderfully made. 

  The Hebrew title of the book translates to “praises.” The word “psalm” comes from the Greek psalmoi, meaning “songs.” This book is also called the Psalter. Originally when we see these  150 poems were meant to be sung and were used in ancient Jewish worship services, accompanied by lyres, flutes, horns, and cymbals.

             When we read this portion we can Understand  that how beautifully and. Miraculously  God has created. Human. Beings. For it was you who formed my inward parts you knit me  together in my  mother’s womb.  You must be thinking that why   I selected this verse without selecting a Good verse which tells us a. Complete meaning of the portion .I selected this portion because it tells us about the whole meaning about the creation.  Here we can see the thanksgiving of David to God for the. Creation of human beings (139:14-19) .(In gen1:26)is.  Creation of human beings in. The. 7th day.  Scientists cannot measure or. Cannot. Predict  the secrets. Of. Human  body. , thoughts ,and the spirt

 In verses 13 (for it was you who Formed my inward parts…..)Here inward parts  means feelings, intelligence, character, spiritual faith,and the thoughts etc  is Involved . The end of the of verses  (V14)  You knit Me in my mother’s womb. A human  being starts his life from mother’s womb only. That we all know.when a baby is in mother’s womb there will. Be  a Few cells which helps  The growth  of the baby. Or the growth of the human body. After somedays the. Number of cells  increases  to large number of cells which we cannot Tell.  everyone   take their the. Birth with same organs. God. Has Created us in His  own image then one question is  arising Is  are  we able to live our life as God  lived. In. This world.  With this short meditation I was trying to say about the creation which is Done  by God  every creation  is for a  purpose  we must identify that. The biggest example is our lord Jesus Christ  he came. In this works for. Pardon our sins. And also we must thank god for creating us in this world  may our good god help us  through   this word